Hidden tips about your Android device

 Things you may not know your android device can do

   In case you Possess an Android device, are definitely likely to love your smartphone. Of course, there’s plenty of things you’ll fall in love with from Google’s brilliant operating system, however, lots of them's far because Android’s operating system is open. due to this, third-birthday celebration developers have to get admission to almost all the tools and features, establishing a brand new street for growing apps and adding all forms of terrific functionality to the Android phone.

However, to experience the full limits of your Android device, you don’t usually need to add 1/3 party apps. In truth, there are tons of thrilling hidden functions which you probably didn’t know already existed in your Android tool.

Your Android cellphone is essentially a laptop in your pocket with a group of capabilities that make your lifestyle plenty less complicated. Android telephones are perhaps the maximum popular telephones inside the globe, followed closely by way of the iPhone. whilst the iPhone might take a credit score for having a diffusion of cool features, it’s no match to your Android device.

Did you know there's lots of stuff you may do together with your Android phone you possibly didn’t realize? properly,

Here are 20 cool stuff you had no concept your Android smartphone ought to do.


    In case your notion of having the ability to turn on your television with your smartphone is cool, then you likely didn’t count on your smartphone to have the ability to test ambient temperature and humidity. This functionality, however, isn’t available for all Android gadgets, however the Samsung Galaxy and a few others. This app could be notable for people with asthma, chronic respiratory diseases, and newborn infants. if you would really like to get entry to this great character to your Samsung smartphone, go to the S-Health app and see comfort level. Google Play additionally has an expansion of humidity and temperature apps that could work on any Android tool.


Ever thought you may shop with your Android Smartphone? Though it’s possible, and it’s no longer buying and selling in our cellphone for a six p.c. of beer either! test QR and Barcodes with an app in your Android phone, do purchases for clients and alternate touch data with business humans in a snap. turn your Android device into a usable barcode scanner quite simply with an app with ease referred to as Barcode Scanner. This specific app works with QR codes in addition to barcodes. you may also get a diffusion of the same apps on Google Play to do the equal activity.


You possibly didn’t realize this, but a few Android gadgets come equipped with infrared blasters; phones including the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. misplaced your remote? You don’t want to panic; you could use your android phone as a television remote thanks to apps on Google Play. in case your cellphone is geared up with an infrared blaster, you may control pretty much whatever that works with infrared indicators, including garage gates and set-top containers. These are available handy while your television remote gets lost somewhere on the sofa. it can additionally be an exquisite characteristic in case you are trying to play tricks to your buddies while you visit them.


   That is possibly one of the best capabilities on your Android smartphone. even as it provides some sophistication to the regular operation of your smartphone, this feature additionally doubles as a safety feature. To activate this feature go to setting->security->display screen Lock-> Face unlock . there is additionally an optional presence test for blinking enabled that helps you to take a photo of yourself and unlock your device along with your face. Your presence takes a look at will make you blink simply to make sure someone is not using your photo to unlock your phone. Having this feature in your smartphone does not only add sophistication however additionally allows add extra safety in your smartphone to avoid losing your data on every occasion you misplace it.


Once you're signed in to Google Chrome, any Android smartphone can be capable of getting entry to all other open tabs for your device that you are signed into. need to realize the way to do that? If yes, all you need to do is hit “other devices” from Menu or New Tab page or click on that bottom right-hand corner icon of folders with arrows, that’s it! in case you are a workaholic, you can continue working on your phone as you journey home at the subway or taxi since your workplace Chrome tabs will still be available on your Android device while you log in.


    In case you love to camp, then your Android smartphone has a feature that will be useful. You probably didn’t know about all the various sensors that your phone has been equipped with. Well, not only does your Android smartphone know which way is up or down, but it’s also able to determine north from south. You can download apps from Google Play such as Smart Compass or AndroidiTS Compass for free to use your phone to navigate your way around. With an app like Smart Distance from the Google Play store, you are able to measure distances within two objects while the SpeedGun app can calculate the speed or velocity of a moving object.


This is pretty a simple and interesting function, all you want to do is launch the digital camera app-> click on the gear icon-> allow Voice control-> have your Android take photos of you, triggering the action while you say “Cheese.” It’s a thrilling function for folks who love taking pix. The “say cheese” may be custom designed to depend down or say “shoot”, and with third birthday party programs to be had on Google Play, you may customise it to say something you want. you could also get tons of other third-party camera apps to enhance your taking pictures experience in Google Play.


  This is quite a wonderful feature, and as thrilling as it is, it helps save your battery power by 30 per cent. The logic behind it is only to keep your screen on as long as you are looking at it, which will save and back your power for much longer. While this feature is specific to Samsung Android devices, a variety of other brands has it too. You can access this feature by going to Settings->Display->Smart Stay. You don’t need to get worried if you don’t have a Samsung phone, you can likely find third party matches in Google Play that use your front-facing camera to determine when you’re looking at the screen.


  Your Android smartphone has been built to assist the user, and present-day upgrades permit it to acquire voice commands. you may have heard about Apple’s Siri, well did you realize Android has its own version of it? To allow this function, you need to look for the microphone icon as soon as you have logged into Google search. in case you want to send an e-mail or textual content, just say “text Michael” or you may actually ask studies questions you’d have in any other case typed into your search bar. There are lots of different cool matters you may do together with your Android phone voice seek, inclusive of emailing reminders, writing notes, scheduling appointments, and this function is especially useful while you only have one hand to spare.


  Are you concerned about your health? A lot of us are today. Well, your Android device has just the app for you. To get the best out of this feature, you might need to have a smart wristband. With this feature, you can track your running, walking and other daily activities through your phone. Other Android devices such as Sony and HTC don’t necessarily need a smart wristband to perform this function. You are also able to measure your heart rate while you sleep using this app. In case you don’t have this app, you could download the Google Fit app for free and try it out.

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