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Crippling depression memes

Depression complications

Have you been wondering how you can get rid of depression? Don’t worry in this article I will write about crippling depression memes, I know a lot of people really need to read this post and have more knowledge of this. Depression, as it sounds, could be the most dangerous thing that could happen to someone in life because it’s making its subject think as if that’s the end of life and ruin their mood

So, how do we go about crippling depression memes? The ideal of this means that somethings that spreads from one person to another so that means depression can also spread from one person to another if care is not taken. Which means that this post is mainly meant for helping people crippling depression memes from spreading from one person to another so this would make this post interesting because it has to with lessons and how people can survive that situation of life.

But before we proceed let’s look at the meaning of depression on its own before we talk about any other thing in this article so as to help us have more knowledge about its concept

Meaning of depression

epression means the state of feeling sad, this is a period whereby the mind as total control over everyone and most people obeys what their mind has for them, and the outcome leads to destruction

Depression sometimes doesn’t come as a result of somethings that have happened to you or things you’ve experienced but it comes just as something normal and it catches your mind up and you will just feel dad for no reason. What I mean is that there would just be a sadness without a reason, I’m sure most of us might have experienced this that you will just be sad for no reason and you will be thinking like why am I even created

I’m sure, some people would be asking themselves a lot of rhetorical questions that no one could answer because of their state of mind because it sometimes comes as normal feelings of a man. So the best thing we should learn is the process of crippling depression memes, and how do we do this alone? The real question is can we do this on our own without anyone staying by our side at this moment?

I would have decided to make these questions rhetorical questions but I would like to give a brief answer to it in order to let is have an understanding of what I’m talking about

The question is can we really over depression without anyone staying by our side? So, if I would say I will say no because it will look impossible to deal with this alone. The reason is that if you’re having this bad state of mind it’s like you’re u see a spell or something, or let me put it this way that it’s like you’re under a total control of your mind and everything and every suggestion you get from your mind at this time would look like the best option for you

And that’s why you will see some people when depressed they commit suicide all because they ask themselves a question that what’s the next thing I can do now at this point of life and the mind them that this is the end of everything for you. So this gives them an option of killing themselves because they don’t know what next to do again, can you see how powerful the mind of a man is?

This is why I’m answering that question that the only way we can go about crippling depression memes is to have someone by our side mind you this person I’m talking about shouldn’t be just anybody

But it must be someone with the affection of true love, these people have been your parents, siblings, family, husband, wife, and so on these are the people that can share the word of peace with you that can help you overcome this terrible state of mind

If we are to look why is it that those people that are committing suicide are not killing themselves where people can see them but they are doing it where people can’t see them, so this makes it much deadly.

Crippling depression memes

Overcoming depression sometime might not be an easy thing to do because been depressed have to do with the human state of mind and the mind of we human defines us but you know there are some things we can to help us overcome these depressions

  1. Try to avoid things that could make you sad or could probably poison your mind and thinking because sometimes if you’re been depressed getting out of it might not be an easy thing to do so it’s better to avoid things that could make you sad
  2. Try to be around people that make you happy, being around people that bring laughter and happiness to you is the best thing to do whenever you’re depressed because laughing something’s makes your mind free from thinking and if you’re not thinking there is no way you can be depressed
  3. Try to discover things that makes you happy every time you do it, yes this is also something good because If you can discover things that make you happy it cures depression imagine someone who loves playing game if such person is depressed and hold his pad he would forget about what makes him sad so the same thing is applicable to whatever that makes you feel unhappy.
  4. As for relationships learned to avoid anything that could break your relationship apart because there are issues of people committing suicide all because of a broken relationship and we all know that stitch in time says nine
  5. Learn to take your mind off things because if you think about something that brings depression to your mind too much you won’t be able to forget easily but if you take your mind off it you won’t be a trap into been depressed
  6. Also like I’ve said there are a lot of things you can do to overcome depression but the best advice I can give is that you should try to know what makes you happy each time you’re sad and always do what you love best that that time

Crippling depression memes would work with this above guideline that has been given to you
Mind you, there should be someone you that is ready to always be there for you not someone that would destroy your feelings all because of deception, these are the things that would help you in crippling depression memes


Depression is a state of mind that is most times not easy to control and overcome but always try to live a happy life because life is to short to be sad. Always be happy. Crippling depression memes

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