Importance of Do Follow blogs and SEO services

Do-Follow” Blogs, SEO Services and SEO Traffic Spider

Do Follow blogs are those that encourage readers to write their feedback about them. As against them, there are no follow-up blogs that prohibit comments from being made.

Although some blog sites encourage readers to give their comments regardless of their rating, there are others such as WordPress that do not encourage them to do so. This is achieved by adding HTML properties called ‘Do Follow’ or ‘No Follow’ to blogs according to their policies.

How to identify the “Do Follow” blogs?

If you want to make innovative, insightful and helpful feedback on a forum, there’s an easy way to find “Do Follow” blogs.

Only click the Display button on the blog article browser page and click the ‘source’ button in the drop-down menu. The source code of the blog post will be opened. Then you can use the Search or Find feature to see if the term rel=’external ‘is near some statement. If you notice one, it’s the Do-Follow blog. If you notice the word rel=’external nofollow ‘or rel=’nofollow’ you can not make any comments.

Advantages of Do-Follow Blogs

There are a variety of benefits to Do Follow blogs. When you write original, insightful and useful content on a website, it tends to inspire appreciation or disagreement among readers who are typically encouraged to express their opinions by posting on it.

They can make references to other related content either in their own posts or in others’ blogs by providing links for further information. This is how it’s meant to be. This is one way to expand the field of expertise or debate on the topic of the blog.

Another benefit lies in the design of the blog from a search engine viewpoint. The feedback link back to the commentator’s sites. This kind of inter-comment builds an engaging blogger community on a specific niche or topic and a network of connecting links that are beneficial to all participants.

Unfortunately, this kind of statement has metastasized into a kind of spamming to support online marketing websites. Blog users, instead of making some imaginative and useful remarks, only add some imbecilic words accompanied by links to their own pages. This can be called an artificial connection building.

Many webmasters have created tools that can find out about your niche‘s blogs. All you have to do is fill the search bar with niche terms or phrases and get a list of sites in your genre. Some program also offers comments templates that can be filled in the comment areas to get backlinks for SEO purposes.

While the “No Follow” attribute prevents unwanted seoing of irrelevant content or spamming, it also prevents the publishing of genuine and innovative comments. Some creative souls have found plugins that can circumvent even WordPress HTML commands for No Follow.

What is required, therefore, is that, rather than installing the No Follow attributes, the blogger community should urge its members to avoid flagging and contribute only insightful and useful content to their comments.

At the same level, search engine robots, too, have become more susceptible to linking harvesting and blacklisting sites whose website owners are resorting to such a dangerous method of link building.

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