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Value and beliefs example about life

Value and belief in relation to life

Living in this world we need some qualities in our lives so that people could see us as a good example, so, how do we do that, we need Value and beliefs example. So what do we mean by value and what’s belief.

These two things are things we would review in this article, but let me make some emphasis on what these two things are, to live in life you’ve to believe in something and that thing you believe in is what shapes your life in different dimensions of mystery.

Also, value, if you don’t add value to people then that means some people must add value to you, it’s just like this saying that if you don’t influence people you would be influenced by them so that’s how value sounds as well, because it’s a principle of life but before we proceed let’s check the meaning of value.

What’s the meaning of value

Value means the worth of something, it might be in terms of money, price, cost, it might even be whatever your contribution might be to people. That’s why we are looking at value and beliefs example.

As a human, we need to live a life that adds value to people, a life that is worthy of emulation because a life without value is a life that has no contribution to the world and environment

Value is the most important thing everyone should be looking for, in the world today everyone is looking for money that’s why you have an uncle that is influential and you keep calling him and ask for money always, us that what we call value

Adding value to other people live; it’s of different dimensions of life, you’ve heard of the stories of great mean in history that fought and died because of others? That’s a very good example of value because they add value to you by paying the price that is needed for you and others to survive

Value means to have a very great contribution to life because whenever you have value then you’ve something much greater than money, you have something that people does not have in common

Imagine bill gate as an example of someone that add value to people’s life, now he’s getting the money not him asking people for money, I know you can’t get a Microsoft office for free either of his products or software can you get that way but he is doing everything to add value to people

Mark Zuckerberg as an example we all know he’s the one who brought about the concept of facebook, all he did was that he added value to the world just by bringing and uniting people together through just a network, so if you’re paying him for any of his service or product you’re not paying for those things directly but you’re paying for the value he added to your life

There are various examples of people that as added value to life in world history in sure you also would know some, if a man writes a book about an idea, if you purchase the book you’re not just buying because someone write the book but instead you’re buying for the value the person added to or want to add to your life through the book as an individual.

If you are looking for money then you’re will never add value to people and never would you be recognized among your peer but if you want to add value then you will have a total recognition and also have money just at the same time.

How do we recognize a person adding value to others life?

The best way to add value to peoples lives is to stop looking for money and the best concept of this is time. Time is money like we all know but this concept is not what we really take it to be but anyone that sacrifice time for an invention or a product you know indirectly the person is not looking for money but wants to add value to people. (value and beliefs example)

Time is money, what does this mean?

Time is money is not directly what we take it to be, it’s not really that every second is money like most people think but time is money means that at a particular time if an event been conducted, it might be conducted to add value to others life, also it might be conducted to make money

But the real meaning is if you’re employed to a particular company and they tell you they will be paying you a certain amount of money for eight hours of work with them then they are not paying you because of work but they are paying you because of time

If we are paying Facebook for any service, we are not directly paying him for what we pay for but we pay him for the time he used in bringing that invention to life, also paying him for the time he would seize to do whatever you want him to do for you

So if you can see all the explanations I made it’s still the fact that all still stay with value, which means to add value to people you need to sacrifice your time for something meaningful and not something that would make you a useless being in life

Value yourself and add value to others there is no way you can be recognized in a society or in the history of a particular place or society without you adding value to them, so that’s why I’m writing about value and beliefs example. I have given some examples of the value and I’m sure you’ve learned something about value today, so let’s go about belief and explain it much better so you can have a clue of it’s meaning

Beliefs, this is a segment of life that has to do with human perspective pertaining to life, your point of view about life is eventually your belief about life, your emotion, your thinking, your speech, your reaction, your teachings, even your encounter with life and even everything that has to do with your ideology about life is called belief. (value and beliefs example).

But let me ask you what do you believe in? There are a lot of religion today all in the name of belief, some people believe in trees some belief in nature, some belief in water, many believe in the air and there are many beliefs like that and these are things that Shape the life of individual.

But anything your beliefs in that doesn’t shape your life to be spiritually, and physically free is bondage. Do you know a lot of belief we have today is putting us in bondage and eventually it serving as our downfall in life, because the belief of a man shapes his life, destiny, and the mind, this is the production centralized section of human life.

Any action you take is as a result of the mind through refined thinking, mind you not every thought in a man that is refined is good. But the truth is your mind is you if I can’t change your mind. This brings about this topic value and beliefs example, so to add value in life you need to have a strong belief about an ideology of total difference, and ideology that could change your environment positively that’s when you are adding value to people.

How to be a good example of value and beliefs

Being an example for people does not mean that you’re a good example, you might be an example of failure to people that people would be looking at you as a person that failed as a reason for his conduct or negative belief.

If you fail to add value to life its all because of your belief, if you fail brutally in life its all because of your belief and your state of mind because it processes all your imagination to become a total reality

Your speech is an ideology that first gets its way through your mind before you speak it out, your decisions firstly had an encounter with your mind before you could exhibit it or discuss it with anyone. So that’s why you have to let your mind been creative and positive in productivity that’s when you can add value through your beliefs and probably be of a good example to people around you.

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