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Why new users would switch from Google to Bing?

Google to Bing, the truth behind it

Microsoft revamped its search field with the launch of Bing in June of some year ago . After its launch, the search engine has seen positive growth and reached about 3.52 per cent worldwide in August. Several analysts assume that Microsoft Bing could compete Google’s monopoly in the coming years with such a positive rise. But this is not an easy job for Bing to defeat the search engine beast.

Latest Market Share

According to the latest estimates from the research company, Bing’s worldwide market share fell to 3.39 per cent in September from 3.52 per cent in August. The decline is very slight, but it’s not evident that Bing’s effort to win Google’s market share of the search engine has failed or even reversed.

Bing surpassed its rivals in terms of functionality and the initial rate of development. However, the initial take-off of Bing may be attributed to the interest of the web-users. The explanation behind this may be the buzz it has generated and also the millions of dollars that Microsoft has poured into its promotions and advertising.

Google maintained number one with more than 80% market share and Yahoo maintained as the second most used search engine, but its market share dropped from 7.28% to 6.84% in the aforesaid period.

Why new users would switch to Bing?

Last month, it was reported that Microsoft new Bing search engine is growing faster than any of its search competitors in the top 10. Bing happens to be a very viable search alternative to Google and offers several advantages that Google cannot compete with at the moment. Here are some features that enhance search experience for the users:

1. Travel Insight with Farecast technology: It helps for searching flights, hotels or other travel arrangements by providing you with the information to make smart decisions. The search engine analyse more than 175 billion airfare observations and predict whether the price of a flight is going up or down using the technology acquired from Farecast. It also provides a recommendation of either Buy Now or Wait over the next seven days.

2. Bing Cashback Offer: It provides benefit to the user, who first search a product with Bing and then go for buy. Depending on the deal, your purchases could benefit you up to 30% of the purchase price back in cash form. Also, the search engine offered double cashback rewards for August, but they had to stop the scheme in between due to high demands.

3. Bing Visual Search: The new technology allows visitors to filter their search enquiries for structured results through data-grouping image galleries making it not just a search engine, but a decision engine. At present, it is only available in US.

4. BingTweets: The new service from the search engine was initiated on July 14, 2009 with the social website, Twitter and Federated Media. It provides real-time information and trendy topics to the viewers.

5. Enhanced Search: Bing also provides something extra as compared to its competitors, for example options of enhanced view and preview windows for results. With these features, users can view the content of the search without clicking on the url. Also, the enhanced view directs the user to Wikipedia content without leaving Bing.

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