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Best ways to promote your skin texture

Enhance your skin texture naturally by promoting it

What is skin texture?

Body texture refers to the surface condition of your skin. Nice texture of the skin is soft and smooth, very well hydrated with solid collagen and elastic support. The irregular texture of the skin is rough, rough, dull, also dry and sometimes sun-damaged. How does your skin feel to be handled if you run your fingertips over your skin or ears, your hands and your arms?

Surely, the skin should be soft with a smooth, even texture, but it is not rare for the skin to feel rough and irregular. Perhaps this is due to serious skin conditions such as rosacea or acne (pimples), but it can also be due to sun damage, aging, or the use of incorrect skin care products and inadequate exfoliation. Dry skin can indeed cause skin texture to feel rough and uneven, particularly during the winter months. The rough texture of the skin not only feels uncomfortable, it makes the skin appear dull because it also does not reflect light. It also makes it impossible to apply makeup smoothly.

What Causes this?

Skin in regions not exposed to sunlight is normally soft and smooth to the touch, suggesting that exposure to the sun leads to the rough texture of the skin. Sun exposure induces collagen and elastic degradation, which gives the skin a smooth texture and resilience. Smoking also affects collagen and elasticity and leads to rough, prematurely aged skin. Aging is another common cause of abnormal texture of the skin. Upper skin cells are not shed as easily as they mature. This leads to dead skin cells build up , leading to skin that feels rough and has a dull appearance. Dry skin that lacks moisture is often less smooth and shiny.

Skin care routines won’t give you an immediate solution to your skin problems. You want dedication, persistence and durability to get your perfect skin.

You should do this anti-aging skin care treatment at home: do you really know what skin texture means? The word texture refers to the feel, look or consistency of the surface or material. So the skin texture really means all of the above.

Ice pick scars are the biggest worries of most people, they are the after-effects of acne, along with swollen pores on and around the nose. The skin would also lack elastic properties with aging.

1. treatment

There are several types of therapies, from small to complex. Passive ones consist of ingredients, like retinol peels, almost like a scrub that helps to strip layers of skin, gradually smoothing out the bumps. Strong procedures consist of laser or skin needling — no need to go to the extreme, except that your skin is so severe! If you feel like you need to go strong with it, then go for it. Always pursue the most normal and reasonable alternative first. You can use PCA retinol at night and get a microaggression once in a while, as you like.

2. Moisturize

70% of our body is made up of H2O and our bodies require water to keep up with all the functions. If you starve your body of water, horrible things are going to happen. Besides drinking water, you will need to moisturize your body. The skin is the main organ of your body, but it’s also the last one to get nutrients. Put on moisturizers regularly, as your skin can scream for nutrients after you’ve removed all the dead pores and skin cells. When you have pills, you’re more likely to use a lot of things that can dry your skin, so make sure you keep in mind that you bring moisture back into your skin.

3. Exfoliation

Cleanser is the number one cure for clear texture. Removing the layers of dead cells minimizes the bumpiness of the skin and avoids clogging of the pores. It doesn’t matter whether you have oily, dry or mixed skin, you need to remove the layer to expose a bright new skin underneath. There are chemical and physical exfoliates here. Chemical exfoliators consist of AHA / BHA scrubs or glycols. You leave them on and allow the chemical to do the job of eating dead skin cells. Physical scrubs are those in which you can feel real granules or beads, and actually scrub the dead skin cell off your body.

There are advantages to both and you can switch it if you like but it depends on the current state of your skin. The Belle Bar Oolong Tea Scrub is recommended for use at least once per week, especially if you wear a ton of makeup

4. Makeups

Makeup is actually helping you cover-up, but it’s just a temporary measure. Skincare is the only thing that can turn your skin that will last for a long time if it is preserved. Don’t depend entirely on the use of makeup, but it can actually make a difference in the presentation of the skin texture.

Using silicone based primers to help fill the gaps on your face so that the foundation can be applied to a smoother surface. It’s going to be easier to use a sponge than a brush because you’re patting the substance and not scratching it back and forth. Ladies tend to load on the foundation when the skin texture is bumpy, but in fact, it’s best to only use one layer of foundation and cover a spot in the areas where you want to. Then add a micronized HD powder with a powder puff to seal the deal and set the foundation. This can make your pores and skin look extra soft and plump.

5. Activated charcoal

Skin problems like acne (pimples), insect bites, skin rashes ring worm can now be treated with activated charcoal easily without spending much.
Here is how to go about it, get a lump of charcoal, convert it to powder, remove the pebbles or bigger particles from the powder, collect the sieved powder into a bowl, make a paste from the powder by adding some volume of water, then apply on the affected area for about one hour each day before washing off….(NOTE you can substitute water for Aloe Vera gel).

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