Ten Best SEO Web Browser Extensions for Website Optimization

Best SEO Browser-based Extensions for Website Optimization

SEO is a hard task and it is not a day job, so you will need to utilize tools that can help you achieve your goals as a blogger or web writer. Whether you’re a novice to SEO or a skilled pro, you’ll require tools to finish the optimization process. This will not only simplify your work but will also supply you with really useful information. Perhaps one of them is an SEO browser extension.

Web browser extensions

SEO tools come in many forms, some may come as a website, CMS plugins, computer or mobile app while some come as browser extensions or plugins. So if you use browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Opera GX or any power-packed browser, you should be able to have access to most of the browser extensions we want to talk about in this article.
Numerous browser extensions have been made available. However, you are not required to use them all; only the most critical ones. There are numerous examples, including keyword research tools, article optimization, link tracking, and site health concerns.

In this article, we will walk through five critical SEO Browser Extensions that you must install if you want to boost your website’s performance in search engine SERPs.
I’m about to give you a comprehensive evaluation that I’ve prepared for you so make sure you go through the whole article to grab the whole idea.


List of Advanced SEO Browser Extensions

From an article page on a search engine journal written by one of the industry’s leading SEO experts, Dave Davies, there are seven critical SEO browser addons that you should have. Because this is an excellent approach to simplify the process of optimizing your website. The seven extensions are as follows:

1. Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome Developer Tools is a prominent browser extension, which is pre-installed directly in all Chrome browsers. Typically, these extensions are intended to locate and correct specific code, element sizes, and typographical errors on a web page. You can do so much from this extension so if you are a developer or you have ideas about coding then you have here very expensive tools at your disposal for free as you only need to get this extension and start using it for free. If you are a newbie as well, there are new tools you can explore as become a pro as you learn.
These extensions are frequently utilized by programmers and SEO practitioners alike when attempting to uncover errors or faults on a website page.

Additionally, Chrome Developer Tools enables users to edit the code on a web page and view how the changes are reflected on the same page. This is typically done to obtain a quick overview of the code modifications prior to them being live.

Additionally, this extension may be used to determine whether your website’s appearance is mobile friendly. Additionally, these extensions allow for the display of a mobile version of a web page directly within the Chrome browser.


2. The Ghost Browser

Some people may have not heard about this extension. However, until 2018, this Chrome web store plugin was highly popular. Ghost Browser is a browser extension that enables users to access the internet via multiple sessions. As a result, you can log into many accounts using the same browser. As an illustration,  suppose you’re logged into one of your Facebook accounts but wish to access another. Without requiring you to sign out of your previous Facebook account or switching to another browser, Ghost Browser enables you to access your other Facebook account in a separate tab or window in your browser.

In a nutshell, Ghost Browser enables users to access several proxies through a single browser. As with the last example, users will be able to access multiple platforms using distinct accounts. These extensions are especially beneficial for professions that need multiple accounts, such as digital marketers.
Regrettably, these SEO Chrome extensions have been removed from the Chrome Web Store. However, it is still available for download via the official website, ghostbrowser.com. They have a free version of the extension as well as the paid version, your choice will depend on your needs as the free have some restrictions that are absent in the paid version. The Ghost Browser paid subscription plan includes additional features. In comparison to the Free Version’s bundle.


3. SEO Quake

SEO Quake is one of the most popular browser extensions used by professional SEO practitioners. These browser extensions enable users to extract metric data from a web page, such as Domain authority, backlinks, Alexa rank, cache dates, and indexing information all with a single click.
To summarize, SEOQuake is a tool or platform that can provide a rapid assessment of a website page’s performance. It provides a comprehensive list of critical SEO indicators on a single mini page.

4. Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant is a critical tool for SEO optimization. These browser extensions are mostly intended to identify issues with a website’s analytics or tracking code, including Adwords or another type of tracking code. A transition in the colour of the Google Tag Assistant’s icon indicates an issue. If your website does not contain any Analytics or tracking code, the icon in these extensions will display a green tag indicator. When you start Google Tag Assistant, a red tags alert will appear if your website has a range of issues.
By utilizing these browser extensions, you will be able to quickly identify and rectify issues on your website that are tied to analytics.


5. Show Title Tags

While this Show Title Tag is not mandatory, it can be argued to be quite useful in terms of SEO efforts. This SEO Chrome Extension displays the entirety of a website’s page title on the internet page.

In contrast to Google’s normal tabs, the page names revealed by these browser extensions are shown in their whole. As a result, users will no longer be required to hover their cursor over Google tabs in order to locate the page with the desired title. Additionally, consumers will see that the title of the internet page they have accessed has been abbreviated in Google search results. Using these browser extensions, the terms that will be abbreviated when the site page is presented in Google search will be marked in red.
When it comes to ensuring that your website’s page titles and snippets are optimized for Search engines, This particular Browser Extension will prove extremely useful.


6. User-Agent Switcher

If you’re building a new site, User-Agent Switcher is an extremely useful browser addon. These plugins enable users to view how online pages appear in a variety of different browsers. These extensions are useful for identifying and correcting crawl issues on a website. In a nutshell, this User-Agent Switcher can assist in determining the appearance of a web page on a certain browser or operating system.

7. Ghost Proxy Control
Ghost Proxy Control is the final critical SEO browser addon on Dave Davies’ list of useful SEO browser extensions. This browser extension is similar to the previous Ghost Browser in that it enables you to use numerous proxies within a single browser.
As with the former Ghost browser, these addons will actually be helpful for those of you who wish to use a browser with several accounts. Ghost Proxy Control may also validate the SERP ranking for a variety of locations, based on the proxy used.

8. SEO Minion

You can call this tool a multipurpose browser extension as you can do so many things with it.  SEO Minion helps with analysing website’s performance, broken links, redirects and even basic optimization insight. You can also check the position of your site in the SERP across countries without using a VPN.

Additionally, you may use these extensions to track your website’s search rankings in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Finally, and perhaps most significantly, this SEO Extension is entirely free to use.


9. Keywords Everywhere

This is one of the most extensively used search engine optimization tools as content writers across the world use it as well as Youtube video creators. Keywords Everywhere will assist anyone interested in keyword research. You just only to Google the keyword you’re interested in. Additionally, this plugin will present you with a list of alternative suggestions. Additionally, you can export this list and utilize it to develop a good list of target keywords. One of the best features of Keywords Everywhere is that you may obtain information directly from Google, rather than through a separate application.


10. Redirect Path

From the first to the last URL you input, Redirect Path displays all redirects. By revealing concealed issues such as HTTP Status Codes 301, 302, 404, and 500, as well as client-side redirection such as Javascript and Meta redirections. Additionally, this tool displays HTTP headers including caching headers and host types, as well as the server’s IP address.
Additionally, this tool displays HTTP headers including caching headers and host types, as well as the server’s IP address.

Final Remarks

That is a brief description among many critical SEO browser extensions that can assist you in optimizing your website to achieve a higher ranking in Google’s search results.
I hope you found this article regarding web browser extensions informative. If you have any queries, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.