Facts to note about Banana

Benefits of banana

Banana is an all-natural, pre-wrapped energizer filled with potassium and proper carbohydrates to give the body what they need. It’s a perfect snack about an hour once you start exercising because it gives your bloodstream glucose that your muscle tissue can use for energy in your workout. Banana is also a perfect post-exercise snack. Its natural sugars are used to restore your muscle glycogen (saved fuel) and its potassium helps your body transform blood sugar to glycogen.

Facts to note about Banana

Today, bananas are grown in at least 107 countries and are the fourth largest food crop in the world in terms of monetary value. Americans use more bananas than apples and oranges combined.

Mostly with world eating so many bananas, it’s not shocking that people raise the question: are bananas okay for you?

Banana are among the most potassium-rich foods, and most Americans do not get enough potassium in our meal. This is because we normally don’t get four to five cups of fruit and/or veggies recommended every day. We require potassium for the normal operation of our muscles , nerves and brains. It is also very important for our hearts to beat correctly, maintain control of blood pressure, develop healthy muscles and prevent muscle cramping. Adults can obtain at least 4,700 milligrams of potassium each day. Apart from potassium, banana is also high in vitamin B6, vitamin C and manganese.

In reality, bananas have a low glycemic index. The average glycemic index of a banana is 51, with a greenish banana lower. Low glycemic index foods are scored 55 or lower.

Freshly picked or green bananas often contain resistant starch, a form of carbohydrate that your body can not digest so that it contributes less carbohydrates and calories and acts as a microbial agent. Prebiotics help improve the amount of probiotics or good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Resistant starch can also help lower cholesterol levels.

Advantages if banana

Very many people are in love with bananas. Not only is it high in potassium, but it is also very tasty berries. Scientifically called Musa banana can be eaten in different types and forms; fried, raw, frozen, etc. Among the many benefits of bananas, there are few surprising ones;


Right here, we know the banana is not only a filler, it’s the king’s energy generator, too. Especially for sports stars (even though they can testify). Before a challenging workout, two bananas are enough to pack a boost of energy and stabilize your blood sugar.


As mentioned above, banana is a filling fruit; once consumed, the stomach can be preserved for a lengthy amount of time.Thus, daily banana intake helps to guide against stomach ulcers. Reason is that over time, bananas thicken the protective mucus layer in the stomach, preventing exposure to hydrochloric acid.Banana is also supposed to contain protease inhibitors that help kill stomach bacteria that can cause digestive problems.

Do you know that, like wine, bananas have been embraced to eradicate the morning inconvenience that comes after that thursday’s groove? Yeah, it certainly does. How you say? Simply blend a number of bananas with ice, berries and coconut or cow’s milk. Now, that’s some yummy hangover treatment.


Recently conducted animal research shows that fully ripe bananas (with dark spots) contain a compound called TNF – a. Now, TNF – a is a cytokine that is known to have the ability to boom white blood cell counts. This, back in, helps us to improve our immunity and combat cancerous cell shifts.


We need to recognize that fiber is very important when it comes to supporting intestinal movements. So it doesn’t have to come as a surprise when bananas fall into that category. We all know banana is an awesome source of nutritional fiber. Bananas provide about 12 percent of your daily fiber requirements, fostering regularity.


The potassium and magnesium in bananas can help reduce this dangerous numbers.


The blood-pressure-lowering effects in turn reduce your risk of heart problems and related issues.


Potassium has been found to protect against all bone problems, and magnesium plays a part in bone formation.


The vitamin B6 in bananas may help prevent cognitive decline and reduce mood-related symptoms of PMS.


Bananas sometimes get a bad rap because they have a lot of calories and carbohydrates, but they’re actually one of the best foods you can choose — both for wellness and weight management. Eating one per day gives the body a lot of strong nutrients, so go ahead and buy a couple. Keep reading on why you need to munch this tropical fruit tree.


  1. 105 calories
  2. 27g carbohydrates
  3. 1g protein
  4. 1g total fat
  5. 0g saturated fat
  6. 3g fiber
  7. 14g sugar
  8. 422mg potassium (12% DV)
  9. 32mg magnesium (8% DV)
  10. 10.3mg vitamin C (17% DV)
  11. 0.433mg vitamin B6 (20% DV)

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