Happy New Year messages | Wishes for Family & friends

Short New year messages for family and friends

As the new year is approaching, a lot of things must be happening as the spending time with loved ones is important. However, we may not be with all our friends as some of them might be far away and sending them new year wishes is thus important.

Happy New Year messages | Wishes for Family & friends

So in this article you will have access to new year messages template which you can send to your family and friends, you may also wish to edit them before sending them. So below are new year wishes for your loved ones.

Happy New Year messages templates and Wishes

For easy navigation we have separated the message templates in to categories in term of the relationship between you and the message recipient.

Happy New year messages for Family

• Having you as my (brother, sister, father etc) is the best thing that has happened to me. You made last year memorable for me, as we move into a brand new year, may we be alive to share a cup of wine and share our success stories next year. Happy New year!

• You are a pillar in my Life, without you I would loose balance. May you be blessed with good things. It is my greatest wish that you soar high in life. Love you from my heart. Happy New year!

• Your counsel and love got me this far, it is great to have you as a family. May our love never cease. I wish you happiness, peace of mind and favour.  Happy new year

• Your influence is a memorable one, you helped when I needed you most, I have joy to be related to you. I wish you a blissful and colourful year. Happy new year

• My (brother, sister Dad, Mum), my first friend, my constant support: In the coming year, I wish you all of the blessings you truly deserve. I love you, (bro, Sis, sir, mum).

Happy New Year messages for friends

• Old things have passed away, all things have become new. So will your health, money, business and our friendship. Happy New year! (Buddy, Pal, mate, Friend)

• Your friendship has brought me so much peace and love and I feel special and elevated. May this new year be special for you. Happy New year! (Buddy, Pal, mate, Friend)

• People come and go, but you are always there when I needed you. You are a true friend indeed. May happiness, and favour locate you. Lets do this again this year. Happy New year!

• With every new year comes greater challenges and adventure. I wish you courage, strength and faith to overcome all of the hurdles you may encounter. May you have a victorious year and a wonderful time ahead. Happy new Year!

• Nights will always dark, and days are know to be bright. You have illuminate light into my life and some of your reflection got me to where I am today. May your life continue to shine bright. Happy New Year.

Funny Happy New Year messages for friends

• Friends are hard to come by these days especially crazy friend like you. But guess what, your craziness keeps me happy and fulfilled. I am proud to have you as a friend. (Happy New Year! idiot)

• I Wish you 12 months of victory, 52 weeks of peace, 365 days of happiness, 8760 hours of success, 525600 minutes of credit alert and 31536000 seconds of favour.

• You are a BAD friend, that is the award you just won meaning Best Associate Die-hard Friend (BAD) of the year. I know I got you, LOL. I really missed you, lets do this again this year. Happy New year!

• We all get the exact same 365 days. Although what we do with them differs, Last year was fun since I had to trouble you. I can’t wait to mess you up this year. Happy New Year Trouble-Mate

• I hope you learnt how to (cook, play game, swim, dance, etc) properly, because the last time we (cook, play game, swim, dance, etc), it was so good that I nearly cut and exchange my hands with yours. I missed those memories pal. I missed you man. Can’t wait to see you. Happy New Year Dummy.