Patterns drafting and design clothes

Meaning Pattern Drafting Techniques And Fashion Designing

It’s important to explain what pattern means. In sewing, a pattern is the sketch of a clothing that shows how the pieces should be put together and what shape they should be. In short, a pattern is a piece of paper or cardboard that is used to trace the parts of an outfit onto fabric. The fabric is then cut out and put together. When cutting fabric for clothes, a pattern is used as a guidance.

Patterns drafting and design clothes


Pattern Drafting

Pattern drafting is a way to make a pattern by following a set of instructions starting with a measurement of a body. Pattern drafting involves making a sketch or drawing on a paper before actually working on the fabrics.
The instructions are turned into pictures or forms on paper that are used to build or make clothes. Pattern drafting is done by following a set of step-by-step directions and using a set of measurements taken from a figure. Patterns can also be made in other ways besides the drawing method. These include modeling, knock-off design, changing from a set of patterns, computer-aided design, and more.


Advantages Of using Pattern drafting In Garment Making

  1. Patterns are helpful for making clothes because they save time, especially if a lot of clothes need to be made.
  2. It minimizes cloth wastage.
  3. The ensure the right size that fits the body.
  4. It’s easy to cut complex styles of clothes with a pattern.
  5. A pattern keeps record of the styles that have been used and can be used again when needed.
  6. The pattern can be broken up into different shapes.
  7. It’s very helpful when a lot of clothes need to be made.
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Fashion Designing

It’s the art of making clothes styles and drawing sketches of them on paper. A person who designs clothes for a living is called a fashion designer.


Fashion Designer

So, a fashion designer is the person who comes up with the ideas for clothes. They use sketches to make a picture of their idea and show what kind of clothes they want to make. They are the brains behind every outfit that is made. In fact, a fashion designer imagines what the finished outfit will look like, notes it down, or draws it on paper, and then later use it on an actual garment. It’s possible for a fashion designer to also be a tailor.



A tailor is an individual who makes, fixes, or modifies garments. If you want to make garments look great, you should hire a tailor.


Basic Drafting Tools And Equipment

For pattern drafting, you need to have the right tools and materials chosen for the job. The most important thing is to have a box or kit to store the drawing tools in.

The following are the drafting tools and equipment:

  1. Pencils: These are used to make lines when you’re drawing.
  2. Brown Paper: You can draw design pieces on brown paper.
  3. Measuring tape: You will need a smooth measure tape that is marked on both sides with inches and centimetres.
  4. Scissors: These are used to cut out parts for patterns. You will need scissors that are small to medium-sized.
  5. Square: This is a metal ruler in the shape of an L. The long arm is 24 inches long and the short arm is 14 inches long. It comes in at a perfect right angle. When you’re drawing, you use it to make lines that are right angles.
  6. Tracing Wheel: This is used to make marks on paper and cloth that are the same as patterns.
  7. Carbon paper is used in transferring marks from one pattern to another.
  8. Cardboard Paper:  is used to draw out the designs, especially the main blocks or master patterns.
  9. Tump Pins: These are used to hold brown or cardboard paper in place on the table while drawing.
  10. French Curve: This is a tool used for drawing curves in drafting, like the neckline, armholes, and side seams of skirts.
  11. Long and short rulers: These help you make straight lines.
  12. Eraser: This is used to get rid of mistakes made with a pencil on drawing paper.
  13. Cello tape is used to join pieces of paper together.
  14. Paper gum is used to stick pieces of drawing paper together.
  15. T-square: This tool is used to make right angle
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