Uses Of Cosmetics And Deodorants | Home Economics

Cosmetics And Deodorants body application

It’s crucial to use deodorants frequently. However, young individuals don’t need much makeup because of their still-natural attractiveness and appearance, . Later in life, they may decide to apply makeup to cover up wrinkles and imperfections.

You must be familiar with how to apply deodorant and makeup. It’s crucial to understand how to select and apply hair care products.

Uses Of Cosmetics And Deodorants | Home Economics


What are Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are products that are applied to the body, mostly the skin and hair, to enhance natural features. Powders, body creams and oils, various facial make-ups, nail polish, lipsticks, and other items are among them.


What are Deodorants?

Deodorants are products that are applied to the skin to eliminate perspiration’s smell. The helps to hide body odour generated due to sweat from the skin. Deodorants are available in stick, spray, and “roll-on” formats with a variety of fragrances.


What are Anti-perspirant?

These are specialized substances or astringents that temporarily lower a person’s sweat production.

Products with a mixture of anti-perspirant and deodorant are referred to as anti-perspirant deodorants.


Types of deodorant

Understand your options before selecting a deodorant. Some deodorants have an overtly strong smell, while others might not. When used, they could cause diverse experiences in others.

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1. Aerosol

These deodorants often apply with a spray and dry out with a powdered finish. The products may be chilly when initially applied, but they provide extremely effective protection. Deodorants in aerosol form are perfect for the gym or locker area. Since the applicator never contacts the skin, they are safe to be sahred with others.


2. Roll-On

Roll-on deodorants are simple to use but might feel chilly and moist when first applied because they are liquid. They typically provide effective odor prevention.


3. Gel or Cream

When applied, these deodorants are thick liquids in the form of gel or cream, although they typically dry clear. They frequently do a great job of preventing body odor.


4. Invisible solid

Deodorants that are invisible solids come in the form of a solid, powdered stick that is dry and clean when applied. If you concern is about residue on your clothes, they are a great option.

5. Solid

Deodorants that are solid go on dry and are powdered. However, they could leave some residue on clothing.

6. Crystal

Deodorants and antiperspirants made of crystals are composed of natural mineral salts. People who prefer organic beauty products or who have extremely sensitive skin might consider them.

7. Wipes

Deodorant wipes are single-use, individually packaged, and disposable. They are great to go along on vacations or to have on hand for those days when you forget to use your regular deodorant. They can be shared because they are individually packaged. Deodorant wipes are available online or at your local pharmacy.

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8. Scented or Unscented

Whether your chooses a scented or unscented deodorant is a matter of personal preference. In order to minimize competing fragrances or scents that don’t go well together, it may be advisable to use an unscented deodorant if you already wears perfume or cologne.


Uses And Importance Of Cosmetics And Deodorants

  1. Cosmetics and makeup are significant for the following reasons:
  2. They are used to enhance a person’s natural features.
  3. They can be used to draw awareness to a person’s finest skin, facial, and hair qualities.
  4. They might be utilized to cover up unpleasant or undesirable features of a person.
  5. Some cosmetics can be used to treat skin conditions like pimples or acne as well as eczema and many more.
  6. When utilized correctly, they can improve one’s attractiveness.
  7. Some cosmetics can aid in skin protection.


Points to consider when choosing and using Cosmetics

Guidelines for selecting and utilizing cosmetics are as follows:

  1. Keep your makeup light, avoid heavy ones.
  2. Apply the least amount of makeup possible. This aids in giving you a fresh, natural appearance.
  3. Pick and apply cosmetics that are appropriate for your skin type and complexion. Pick those that enhance your natural appearance.
  4. Refrain from using cosmetics or bleaching creams to alter your natural color or complexion.
  5. Select cosmetics that will assist to protect your skin and use them.
  6. Before applying makeup, close the pores on your face.
  7. Always wipe off your face makeup before going to bed.
  8. Pick a high-quality powder.
  9. Wash your powder puff frequently to keep it in perfect condition.
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Application Procedure For Deodorants And Antiperspirants

1. Shave off any unwanted hair from your armpits.

2. During the bath, thoroughly wash your armpits. Properly rinse, then pat dry with a fresh towel.

3. Depending on the type, lightly apply deodorant to your skin. Be aware that if you apply deodorant right away after shaving, your skin can become irritated.