How to activate iPhone without sim card

Top method to activate iPhone with no sim

Are you having problems with activating your iOS device? If you have an iPhone or iPad, and you are faced with activation issues you don’t have to be scared or panic as the answers to those riddles are right on this page.
However, I must tell you, reading this article from start to finish is important as the success of this procedure relies on it.activate iphone without sim

So if your iOS device gets locked to an unwanted network you might want to try out this method we are about to show you.
Today in our article, we will be showing you three methods you can use to fix this issue so feel free to take your pick.


How to activate iPhone device without sim card

Using iTunes

Yes as you might think, almost every iOS software issue can be fixed with iTunes and it is straightforward and safe to use, so without wasting time follow the below procedure to activate an iPhone device without a sim card using iTunes.

  • Turn on your computer
  • Go to the help section and check for updates. Apply the update if there is any
  • Connect your iOS device to your computer via USB cable
  • Once connected, select the option to set up your device and click continue
  • Now you will have the opportunity to install your sim card and activate your iPhone or iPad
  • Then provide the rest of the details requested such as the Apple ID, your passcode, and the rest
  • When you are through, simply click get started button and you have fixed the issue.
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Using R-sim/X-sim

You can also activate your iPhone without sim card using the R-sim/X-sim. It has been used by many and it has fixed the issue for most people and it will still work for you as well.

But for the sake of understanding, let me brief you about the function of an R-sim/X-sim

An R-sim/X-sim is a universal unlock sim card, it can be used to unlock carriers and enables a device to use other sim card. So in simple terms the R-sim/X-sim can help you activate your iPhone or iPad.
So if you don’t have one, you should probably get from a friend or buy one. It is not expensive so it wil not be hard getting one.
Once you have got the R Sim or X sim, proceed with the below steps

  • Insert the R-sim or X-sim into your device
  • Select your carrier network from the options, proceed to select your preference
  • You may then reboot your device
  • After you restart your iPhone or iPad, wait while the activation process run automatically
  • During the process, your device will start to search for your selected network carrier
  • Once the whole process wraps up, you have now successfully activated your iOS device easily without sim


Activation by jail breaking

Why would you use this option anyway? Well I must tell you, it is not a recommended option. Although it has worked for many and if you must try jail-breaking you device make sure you have tried the two recommended options above.
However, you might be wondering why this option is not recommended, so let me make it simple.
The term jailbreak in iOS term means to simply gain root access to your device operating system and the term can be used across all apple products including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
It is not recommended because you are actually working with the core files of the device of which any mistake may cost you your device moreover, the whole process override the dependency of Apple.
Jailbreaking iOS device gives you permission to modify and customize the core files of the device and with this process you can unlock your device and do a whole lot of cool stuffs.
If you still want to proceed with the jailbreak process, I advice you read more on the implication and the whole process since the process is a stressful one especially if you are not a tech geek.
One main implication is if you try this, you have automatically void your warranty even if it works.
But the process will definitely work if you do it right.
What do you feel about this article? Did any of them worked for you? Let us know in the comment box

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