How to fix To allow access please respond on iPhone

To allow access please respond on iPhone (Solved)

Looking for an expensive phone with high security and you got your self an iPhone or iPad, then you can be faced with “To allow access please respond on iPhone” error on your iOS device. It is no doubt that iOS are considered one of the most secured device today as theft of iOS device are rare.

to allow access please respond
Why do I get “To allow access please respond on iPhone” error?
The simple answer is, you get this pop up error when the security of your iOS device have been tampered with either you use iPad or iPhone and to fix this is of great importance.
When wrong passcode are pressed multiple times and you can’t seem to get the right password, you get shut out automatically and this is when you get the “To allow access please respond” error and this is an indication that your iPhone has been disabled.

Well, you can’t blame the developer of the iOS device as this error is useful when an intruder or a thief try to access your device so the major aim is to prevent unauthorized activity on your device.
After receiving this error, your device can request you to do some certain task to get things back in shape like connecting to iTunes etc. which can still be abortive.

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You need to now understand that, even you or the intruder cannot get this error to go easily unless you do some of the things we will be discussing in this article or else, you will have zero access to your device. Check out the below to get your device working again.

How to fix to allow access please respond on iOS device

To fix this problem on your iPhone or iPad, we have two method to solve it, so read carefully to get your device working again.

Simply ignore the message

As dumb it might sound, it has worked and you can also get your iPhone to work and get rid of the please respond with this trick. It is the simplest method and this is the reason we are sharing it.
To do this, don’t disconnect, ignore and leave the message let the software finish its thing on your iOS device.
You will then get an on-screen message requesting if you trust your computer, go ahead and approve the connecting. Now leave your device to finish the process till your device comes to normal.

Recovery mode

Trying the recovery mode will definitely do the fix and it is not as tough as it might sound although you will definitely loose files and all the data on your smartphone. If a backup of your file exist somewhere then you can simply fetch it after the whole process and re-install.
So to get rid of To allow access please respond on iPhone or iPad follow the below

  • Start iTunes on your PC
  • Check for iTunes update and apply if there is any available, navigate to help menu, click on update option and download
  • Turn off your iOS smartphone
  • Now connect your iOS device to the computer using USB cable then click and hold the power button until you see apple logo.
  • The next thing is the recovery option, click on Restore to start the recovery.
  • If you have a backup find and select the backup location.
  • Sit back and let the whole process wrap up
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With any of the two options, you should be able to solve the To allow access please respond on your iOS and start using your device over again.

The iOS developers have been notified about this issue and hopefully the provide an easy fix for the issue in future. But for the main time, the fixes in this article should work. Let us know if this article in any way helped you using the comment box.