Civic Education and its importance to National Development 

The Importance Of Civic Education To National Development

The Question And Answer Session On The Critical Role Of Civic Education In National Development


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What are the Importance Of Civic Education To National Development?

Civic education has numerous benefits that contribute to country growth. They are as follows:

  1. It educates us about the government’s structures and institutions and how they operate. The institutions operate at several levels or arms of government, which include the judiciary, parastatals, local government, and the legislature, among others.
  2. It assists us in acquiring skills: this includes being productive citizens in society as well as being aware of and engaging in political activities. Additionally, it includes our collaboration with the government and members of society in order to accomplish stated goals.
  3. It also enables us to participate in the political, economic, and social life of our society or community. For example, to ensure that the government thrives, you must participate in the election of the leaders.
  4. Citizens Responsibilities: It is a form of civic education that helps people realize their respective roles in society. As citizens, people should understand that the goods and services they require were created by them in order for the country to thrive.
  5. Independence: Through participation in one or more projects, civic education helps to equip people to be self-sufficient. This is accomplished by informing students that the government cannot employ every high school graduate. As a result, it assists in training people’s minds toward independence, which aids in national development.

How Well does Civic Education Contribute to the Development of Political Knowledge?

Civic education facilitate political knowledge via elections.

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How Can Civic Education Help Us Develop a Better Understanding of Economy?

Civic education stimulates our economic understanding by requiring us to pay taxes on a timely basis in order to witness a better economy.

Provide Three Examples of Government Institutions

The three government institutions are as follows:

  1. The Judiciary
  2. The Legislature And
  3. The Executive