Meaning Of Food Purchasing, Processing, Preservation And Safety

Food Purchasing, food Processing, Preservation And Safety

Food Purchasing

This is the process of getting food items through a financial activity. Food purchasing means to get food in exchange for money or something of value. When you buy food, it can be raw, cooked, or processed.

Meaning Of Food Purchasing, Processing, Preservation And Safety

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Food processing

Food processing is the process of changing raw materials into different types of food. This can be done chemically or physically. It includes things like chopping, emulsifying, cooking (like boiling, broiling, or grilling), pickling, and preserving food by canning or jarring.

These items, or a mixture of them, are used to make ready-to-cook or already-cooked foods, such as candy, instant foods, flavoring and health drinks, pickled vegetables, jams, canned foods,  and more.

Food Preservation

This means hindering the growth of bacteria, fungi (like yeast), and other microorganisms that causes food to degrade. It also means slowing down the breakdown of fats that lead to rancidness (fat going bad).

Food preservation can also include steps that keep the food from going bad visually, like the enzymatic browning that happens when apples are cut. This can happen while the food is being prepared.

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Food Safety

Food safety is the science study of how to handle, prepare, and store food so that it doesn’t make people sick. It has a set of rules that must be followed to avoid health risks that could be very bad.


Food safety procedures and guidlines

  1. Keep food from getting infectious agents that can be spread by people, pets, and pests.
  2. Keep raw and cooked foods separate so that the cooked foods don’t get contaminated.
  3. Wash food items to remove chemical preservatives and dirt before cooking
  4. To kill germs, cook foods for the right amount of time and at the right temperature.
  5. Make sure food is kept at the right temperature.
  6. Use water and cooking tools that are safe and clean.
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