Meaning And Types Of Advertising (Business Studies)

Meaning And Types Of Advertising

What is Advertising?

Advertising is a way to tell people about new products. In other words, advertising gives the public information about a particular brand, product or service. It is used to make people aware of a certain product.

Advertising informs, educates and convinces people to buy the advertised goods instead of other goods. When advertising a product, the company wants possible buyers to know the type of products available, how good the products are, and the price.

Meaning And Types Of Advertising (Business Studies)

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Types of Advertising

There are four main types of advertising:

  1. Informative Advertising
  2. Persuasive Advertising
  3. Competitive Advertising
  4. Specific Advertising


Informative Advertising

This advertising gives information to let buyers know what goods and services are available. There are many products people may not know about. Informative advertising tells the public about new products.


Persuasive Advertising

This advertising tries to get customers to buy a certain brand instead of other brands. The seller might show and demonstrate a product to a potential customer. It could be offered at a lower price or for free to convince the buyer to try it. Makers of household goods like drinks often use persuasive advertising to get people interested in their products.

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Competitive Advertising

This advertising tries to get consumers to switch from one product to a different brand made by another company. Companies that make similar products use competitive advertising to get customers to pay attention to their product instead of others.


Specific Advertising

Specific advertising gives information about certain products or brands that appeal to a particular group of people. This type of advertising are usually directed to a target group. An example is the malaria drug.

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