General Objectives of Social Studies

The General Objectives of Social Studies


What is social studies?

The study of social studies is the study of man and all of his various activities in all of his environments. The below general objectives have been established in social studies for his socioeconomic, political, and other activities.

General Objectives of Social Studies

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1. To Increase adaptability In A Changing Environment

Social studies help students improve skills they already possess. These skills include the ability to speak, to manipulate objects, to learn, etc. Some students exhibit a range of skills. To adapt something is to make it fit for a new purpose or circumstance. Man’s physical and social circumstances are always evolving. Man is capable of adapting suggestions into areas that are favorable.


2. Inculcate National Consciousness And National Unity

National consciousness is a deep attachment to one’s country that outweighs all other feelings and attachments. Prior to everything else, the country’s greatness, progress, and well-being are prioritized.

People from various cultures, faiths, languages, political views, social backgrounds, and economic status are brought together to work for a shared objective in a condition known as national unity. Mutual respect, love, cooperation, faith, trust, and tolerance of one another are needed.

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3. To transform students into responsible citizens who are willing and able to contribute to the development of society

Any individual with the proper capacity is able and eager to effect change that will materially and significantly advance the material and human resources of the nation.


4. To inculcate the appropriate kinds of values and attitudes

Values Are Ideas And Principles That Have Been Proven, accepted, And Used As Standards. They are significant, worthwhile, and helpful to the general well-being of the populace. Our attitudes are influenced by our values.

Decisions and other actions can be used to accomplish this. Our patterns of behavior, our choices, and the decisions we make are all governed by our values.

It establishes our preferences for things like respecting our parents, elders, and those in positions of authority; abiding by the law; taking our academic work seriously; arriving on time to school; completing and passing assignments; performing domestic chores at home; keeping good company; and refraining from engaging in immoral sexual behavior, among other things.

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5. To motivate people of all ages to develop good virtues

5. To motivate people of all ages to develop the virtues of loyalty, honesty, discipline, courage, dedication, respect, patriotism, and hard work in order to provide them with the knowledge and abilities necessary to be excellent citizens of a great country.


6. To help us understand our environment, its associated problems, and how to solve them

To assist students to learn and understand our environment as well as problems that can be encountered and the measures to take to make our environment habbitable.

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