Meaning, Types and ways of promoting Peace

Meaning and Importance of Peace (Social Studies)

What is Peace?

Peace is a condition of harmony that is free of conflict. It is a situation that brings joy, happiness, and development to the family, neighborhood, and society as a whole. When there is peace, people live together, work together, and try to improve themselves and the society as a whole. Peace means that there is no war, fear, chaos, pain, or violence.

Meaning, Types and ways of promoting Peace


Different kinds of peace

Peace comes in two main forms, which are:

  1. Positive Peace
  2. Negative or Uneasy Peace


1. Positive Peace

This exists in a state of unity where people are happy, peaceful, and free to do what is right without fear of being hurt.


2. Negative or Uneasy Peace

Negative peace is when people are upset about unfairness and all kinds of unfair treatment, like when schools have strict rules or when people in power, like police officers or military personnels, abuse their power. People might stay quiet out of fear that the government will bother them. One day, this kind of peace could turn into fights and the end of law and order.


Importance Of Peace

  1. There are no physical conflicts like war, panic, or injustice.
  2. Peace makes people more likely to be good citizens who follow the rules.
  3. Peace brings people together and helps them collaborate with and understand each other.
  4. Peace helps society develop, grow, and get better.
  5. Peace preserves a person’s rights.
  6. Peace makes people happy and lessens dissatisfaction
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Ways of promoting Peace

1. Rights of People

The country should do enough to protect the basic human rights of its citizens and people who are not citizens. The people should be able to enjoy their rights under the law and their natural rights.


2. Good Governance

When people in power keep their promises and do what they say they will do, it will go a long way toward making peace. It is importance to encourage justice among citizens in the society


3. Tolerance

People in society should learn to get along with each other because people have different personalities. When we accept each other, we can live together in peace.


4. Social Justice

Social justice is a tool for getting along with others. People should see and expect social justice to be done. Justice should be promoted so that peace can stay in the world forever.
No one should be treated unfairly because of where they were born, their religion,

race or language. Everyone should be treated fairly in accordance to the law, on the job, in the world of business, and everywhere else.


5. Laws and Rugulation

Laws should be put in place by authorities that should be abide by. The law will guide every citizens in a right manner at which every citizen within the society should behave. The laws and regulations should also apply to everyone to ensure peace reign in the society.


6. Patriotism

This is another sure way to make the world a more peaceful place. Citizens should try to love, be ready, and be able to help people in need, no matter the tribe. We should support the nation’s policies, programs, and projects with all our might. Public places should be kept safe no matter where they are.

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7. Cooperation at All Levels

For peace and order to rule, each member of the community or country must work with the authorities at each level of government. They can do this by simply following the rules and laws of the government’s agencies.