Types of Houses found in Rural and Urban

Different kinds of houses found in rural and urban areas

Mud Houses

There are a lot of mud houses in Nigeria. Most of the time, they are located in remote areas. In some places, like the Eastern States, mud is only used for the walls. In some places, like the Northern States, mud is used for both the walls and the roof. Most mud houses:

  1. Have foundations that aren’t very deep.
  2. Are not good for places with low land or rivers. These are places that get flooded quickly.
  3. Are usually cool during the dry season and warm when its harmattan or cold atmosphere.

Types of Houses found in Rural and Urban


Bamboo Houses

These are houses made of bamboo that are built on pillars and stand in water.

  1. The roofings are made of thatch.
  2. In locations near rivers, bamboo houses are very popular.
  3. They are not heavy.

Modern houses

Modern houses have walls made of concrete or bricks that have been burned. Their roofs are made of corrugated iron sheets, plaster tiles, roofing sheets, asbestos sheeting, or other suitable materials. Modern homes can have floors made of timber, concrete, vinyl tiles, marble, and so on. Most of the time, these houses have excellent doors and windows for air flow. Families can live in different kinds of modern homes. These types of houses are:


Single-Family Houses

These are single units of homes that stand on their own. A house with one family. It doesn’t have any walls that are shared with another house. It can be big or small, a house, or have multiple story. The best things about single-family homes is that:

  1. They are more private than other forms of house.
  2. They can be made or developed based on what the family needs.
  3. Family members may not live with other strangers or tenants with whom they share rooms
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Disadvantages of Single-Family Houses:

  1. A single-family house generally costs more than a house with more than one family.
  2. It needs more land space.


Multiple-Family Housing

Multiple-family home is a house or building with more than one living space. There are many different kinds, such as:

A duplex is a building with two different living units. Each room can have one floor or more than one floor in case of storey. The units could be next to each other and share a wall, or they could be on different floors.

A Block Of Flats
A building with more than two flats or living units is called a block of flats. Each room has everything a family needs. Apartment buildings are another name for a block of flats. A high-rise apartment building could have as many as a few hundred units. Such apartment buildings have lifts or elevators to help people get up and down the floors. There are also stairs in them. Many family can live in each block.

Multiple-family houses have some advantages over single-family homes

  1. They use less land than single-family homes.
  2. They are usually cheaper.
  3. They might be easier to find than single-family houses.

Disadvantages of Multiple-Family Housing:

  1. They might not have enough room for storage and outdoor activities.
  2. Families and residents have to share areas.
  3. The place might be noisy.
  4. There may be times when co-tenants fight.