Meaning, Types and Uses of Farm record

Farm record and Computer-Aided Farm Records


What is Farm record?

A farm record is a document (typically a book) that is used to keep track of various farm-related activities, events, and materials. Financial aspects of farm operations are also recorded in the farm record.

Meaning, Types and Uses of Farm record

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Types Of Farm Record


1. Farm Diary

This is a record of the daily farm activities. It is possible to identify weaknesses in the farming industry with this record. A farm diary keeps track of all activities like crops planted, crop yields, seed quantity, harvest date, etc.

2. Farm Inventory

This is a record that contains the list of farm asset and resources. It contains details of buildings, farm implements, equipment, and machines. This record also includes the types and number of livestock structures, etc.

3. Input Records

This record provides information on the size or quantity of inputs used on the farm, such as fertilizers, feed for animals, the quantity of seeds used, labor, medicines, livestock stock, etc. It enables the farmer to determine whether he is overusing animal feed or seeds, as the case may be, prior to incurring excessive losses.

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4. Production Records

This record measures the farm productivity and the success of agricultural operations in general. It indicates whether a particular animal is thriving or not. It Specifically shows the production activities of the farm in full detail.

5. Sale Records

This record shows what is being sold on the farm. Informs a farmer of his income. It aids the farmer in not overspending and aids him with adequate farm planning.

6. Consumption Records

Not all manufactured items are sold. This book documents the number of crops collected and consumed by the farmer and his family, or given away but not sold.

7. Profit And Loss Accounts

There are two sides to this record. The left side relates to liabilities and payments (purchases and expenses), whereas the right side relates to assets and revenue (Sales and Receipts). This record is initiated at the start of the farm year’s farming period and is closed at the end of the production period.

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Uses of Farm Records

  1. They aid in decision-making for effective management.
  2. They aid in the planning and execution of farm operations.
  3. It is helpful for preparing a profit-and-loss statement.
  4. It provides progress information on the farm’s production level and production history
  5. It can assist the farmer in procuring adequate insurance policies for his farm enterprise.
  6. Farm records deliver useful information for calculating farm taxes and budgeting.
  7. It provides a solid foundation for future planning.

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Computer-Aided Farm Records


What is Computer-Aided farm record?

Computer-Aided farm records are records that are kept using the computer system. It involves the application of computers in record-keeping in the farming business.

Computer-Aided farm records are computer-processed information in the form of dates, text, sounds, numbers or figures, images, etc. that pertains to farm records. It is used in electronic devices to conduct agricultural transactions and maintain records of farm activities.

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Advantages of Computer-Aided Farm Records

  1. Additional information is presented and can be accessed with ease.
  2. The capacity for data kept is very high.
  3. It helps to keep large records using a small physical space
  4. Information retrieval is easy.
  5. The transfer of information is less stressful.
  6. It reduces the inconvenience of file movement.
  7. It assists in future planning.
  8. There are no lost or missing files or records.
  9. It helps to manage office space
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