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Household Linen


What is Household Linen?

Household linens are textiles intended for daily domestic use. In other words, they are those fabrics we utilize at home.

Household linens are essential, as we use them for our pleasure and to beautify the appearance of the home. There are numerous examples, such as bedspreads, pillowcases, table runners, and curtains to mention a few.



Types Of Household Linens

Below are the types of household linens:


Bed linen consists of all the textiles used to make beds. Bed linens are essential household items. They are listed below:

  1. Bed Sheets: Used to make beds.
  2. Pillowcases: are pillow cover materials; they protect the pillows and contribute to making the bed look good and presentable.
  3. Foam Covers: Preserve the cleanliness of the foam.
  4. Blankets: When the temperature is low, blankets are used to provide warmth and comfort.
  5. Quilted Bed Sheets: They are used to decorate a bed that has already been made and to provides warmth during cold conditions.
  6. Bed Spread: Used to cover a made bed to prevent dust from accumulating on it.
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The term “kitchen linens” refers to all the textiles used in the kitchen to maintain cleanliness and ensure family safety. The Following Are:

  1. Apron: This is worn to protect our clothing while cooking or performing other kitchen cleaning and keeping.
  2. Dishcloths: are utilized for cleaning dishes.
  3. Oven gloves: are used to safeguard our hands when retrieving items directly from the oven.
  4. Kitchen towels: are used to clean kitchen furnitures and other kitchen equipment.
  5. Pot-holder or hot pads: These are utilized for handling hot pots. Hand towel:
  6. Hand towel: this is a fabric used to clean the hands after washing or when liquid is touched.
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  1. Shower curtain: The shower curtain prevents water from splashing onto other bathroom surfaces.
  2. Towels: are used to dry the skin after bathing and must always be kept neat.



  1. Table linen: consists of all fabric items used on a table. The Following Are:
  2. Table cloth: Used to safeguard and cover tables.
  3. Napkins: are being used to protect our clothing while eating.
  4. Table Runner: This item is utilized when setting the dining table.
  5. Place Mats: Are used to prepare a place at the table for a diner.
  6. Tea Cloths: are utilized for cleaning the table.
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Curtain linens are textiles used to cover doors and windows in a home. They are essential in the household.

Curtains are used to decorate a room, provide privacy for house residents, and block sunlight and dust from coming in to the house. Curtains come in various styles, such as floral and plain, thick and lightweight.