Meaning, Types And Skills That Promotes Interpersonal Relationship

Interpersonal Relationship & Skills That Promotes it | Civic Education

What is Interpersonal Relationship?

A strong, close, long-lasting association or acquaintance involving two or more persons is referred to as an interpersonal relationship. This connection could be derived by inference, affection, friendship, frequent business meetings, or another sort of social commitment.

Interpersonal relationships between people develop in the context of social, cultural, and other factors.

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Types Of Interpersonal Relationships

  1. Family relationships
  2. An opponent or ally
  3. Platonic friendship or intimate friendship
  4. Partnerships
  5. The employer and his employees
  6. Clients or customers
  7. Landlord and tenant
  8. Representative
  9. Contractor
  10. Close associations
  11. Important Order, etc.


Skills or Qualities That Promote Interpersonal Relationships

1. Tolerance

For a relationship to continue, people must be tolerant of their partners or fellow humans.


2. Patience or Endurance

In every type of interpersonal interaction, both parties are expected to be patient with and endure for one another, despite any challenges or excitement.

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3. Generosity/kindness

This is a crucial quality for fostering interpersonal relationships. This implies that both spouses should support one another at all times.


4. Honesty

Integrity and fairness are qualities that can assist to advance this partnership. For the development of interpersonal relationships, people should learn to accept this fact


5. Forgiveness

Counting transgressions, errors, frailties, etc. does not promote relationship development. It is important for people to develop the habit of forgiving one another.

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6. Respect

In order for a relationship to continue a long time, both parties involved must respect one another.


7. Appreciation

In any relationship, partners should value one another and appreciate one another.

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