Meaning of Business Studies: Components And Importance

Introduction To Business Studies

What Is Business Studies?

Business studies is a subject that offers us the necessary skills, understanding, and capabilities for productive work or activity. A productive activity entails the utilization of business resources in order to create goods and services that meet human needs and desires. Business Studies is a comprehensive and practical study comprised of a variety of aspects.


Business studies can be referred to as the study of the methods and processes for establishing and operating a profitable business enterprise. The primary goal of starting a business is to make profits.

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Components Of Business Studies

The components of business studies are as follows:

  1. Office practical
  2. Commerce or trading
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Keyboarding
  5. Typewriting
  6. Short hand
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Importance Of Business Studies

  1. Business Studies educates students about the office environment.
  2. It provides an ability for self-sufficiency.
  3. It enables students to enquire about a variety of abilities that can aid them in daily life, such as buying and selling, letter writing, and managing a family budget.
  4. It helps students prepare for post-secondary education.
  5. Business studies Studies can help students become productive members of society by requiring them to participate in economic development of their communities.
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