Meaning, Types and Attributes of Courage | Civic Education

Meaning And Characteristics Of Courageous Individuals


What is Courage?

A person’s courage enables him or her to overcome fear or hurdles in order to accomplish a goal. It is a person’s hardness and strength of character that enables him or her to overcome obstacles and accomplish his or her task or specified goal. A measure of boldness and dedication to accomplishing an objective is courage.

Courage is synonymous with bravery. It is the capacity to overcome fear in the presence of a threat or impediment, misfortune or anguish.

Meaning, Types and Attributes of Courage | Civic Education

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Types Of Courage


1. Physical Courage

Physical Courage is the capability and willingness to use physical strength to get a task done. When a situation is associated with fear but the subject displayed some level of strength instead of timidness or weakness.
An example is when a boy displayed physical bravery by overcoming the kidnapper to save the youngster. The police officer exhibited physical bravery as he overpowered the robbers.


2. Moral Courage

The capacity to choose to do what is right regardless of or without regard for external pressure or opposition to do differently. Examples:
A governor who offered a scholarship to the school’s top student, despite him being the son of his political rival:
A governor who publicly conceded defeat by applauding his opponent: A man who refuses to take bribes on the basis of his morals. These individuals display moral bravery.

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3. Spiritual courage

Spiritual courage is the capacity to uphold one’s spiritual faith and ideals or to act in accordance with one’s spiritual beliefs. A christain man who refused to marry another woman based on his biblical belief despite his childless marriage exhibited spiritual courage.


Attribute Of Courageous Individuals


1. Dedication

The term ‘dedication’ refers to a person’s commitment to achieving a goal. A courageous individual must be completely devoted to the purpose he wishes to attain.

2. Endurance

A bold individual must be patient and push through obstacles to reach his objective.

3. Determination

Determination is the characteristic of a firm as a matter of purpose. The ability to complete a project despite obstacles is a quality that is enduring. A courageous individual must be determined to succeed at a task.

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4. Perseverance

In the pursuit of a goal, perseverance is the attribute of remaining resolute or unshaken. The trait of perseverance stems from the idea or assumption that a goal is attainable.

5. Diligence

This is the quality of persistent effort and ongoing evaluation of the target to be attained. As efforts are exerted to achieve a goal, diligence entails a careful evaluation of the progress made.

6. Boldness

It takes a great deal of courage to be a bold individual. It is a rare trait in a person to be brave in the face of a harsh and demanding circumstance. It requires great boldness and audacity for a student to speak in with the audience of an entire student body on an assembly or in a hall with the presence of teachers and the school’s principal.

7. Bravery

This is a demonstration of physical strength and the ability to confront a difficult situation. It also refers to the capacity to endure pain or harsh circumstances with composure. A courageous example is a woman suffering from cancer who endures her anguish with great composure.

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