Meaning and Importance Of Keyboarding

Basics of Keyboarding

Before data is transformed into information, a typist or computer user would use the keyboard to do various tasks. Similarly, when a pianist produces a variety of lovely melodies on the piano, he manages the sol-fa notes and tones.

These actions constitute the definition of keyboarding. Now let’s elaborate


What is a Keyboard?

The keyboard is one of the computer’s primary input device, utilized for data entry. The layout of keys on the keyboard is used to enter text and symbols into the computer.

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Inputting data into the computer using a typing instrument known as the keyboard is therefore referred to as “keyboarding”. The entered data can be:

  • Alphabetic data
  • Numeric data
  • Alphanumeric data
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Importance Of Keyboarding

Due to the introduction of technology in modern age, keyboarding is crucial for the reasons listed below.

  1. The ability to type improves a person’s writing skills.
  2. It makes typing simpler and considerably more convenient for everyone.
  3. When using a social media platform, keyboarding skills are very useful. It facilitates simple and swift communication.
  4. It enables computer users to rapidly and correctly enter data.
  5. Keyboarding skills are essential for using the majority of computer software, including word processing and registry programs.
  6. It accelerates the process of producing and distributing information, whether on printed paper or via the Internet.
  7. It is used to complete data forms on the computer as well as other bills and checks.
  8. Having adequate keyboarding capabilities enables individuals to start their own business and earn a living.
  9. Having adequate keyboarding capabilities enables individuals to start their own business and earn a living.
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What is typing?

Typing involves writing or inputting data by pushing the buttons or keys on a typing keyboard, cell phone, or calculator. It differs from other text input methods, such as handwriting and speech recognition.

Typing accelerates the methods of creating and disseminating information, whether on paper sheets or through the Internet.

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How can I improve my typing?

To improve your typing or keyboarding skills, you need to use the keyboard more often. Besides, a popular saying indicates “Practice makes perfect”. Also, you can opt for computer programs such as Mavis Beacon or any related typing program to improve your accuracy and typing speed.

Using the proper keyboard posture helps reduce eye strain, exhaustion, and posture flaws, resulting in dramatically improved typing performance.


Correct Position While Keyboarding

  • To promote efficient typing, observe the following rule:
  • Align the monitor with the crown of your head.
  • Place the display at arm’s length.
  • Relax your shoulder properly.
  • The angle formed by bent elbows should be 90 degrees.
  • Maintain a straight wrist during keyboarding/typing.
  • Align the shoulders, hips, and ears squarely.
  • Place your hips back in the chair with your knees bent at 90 degrees.
  • Sit upright with your feet flat on the ground.
  • Place the original material or manuscript next to you and use an in-line copy stand.
  • When reaching for a key just on the top or bottom row while typing, keep your finger locked in the home row. Always remember to return your finger to the home row location when typing.
  • Use your thumbs to push the space bar.