Starting a pig farm in Nigeria | Cost & Requirements

How to start a pig farm in Nigeria

Pig farming in Nigeria is a very profitable business that has made a lot of people all over the world rich. Pig meat, also called pork, is also very popular. Almost everyone likes to eat it. Pig farming is doing very well in Nigeria.

Starting a pig farm in Nigeria | Cost & Requirements

If you go to restaurants or hotels, you will see that pork meat is in great demand. What about sausages? They are made from pig products. Keep in mind that pig farming requires a lot of money and you can make a lot of money in no time. Also, note that you can start small by just rearing pigs in your backyard and turn into a big-time pig farm business within a short period of time.

Pigs can have babies twice a year, with each pregnancy giving birth to 10 to 16 piglets. Isn’t that great? That’s to show how beneficial it is to raise pigs in Nigeria! In just one year, you can get back twice what you invested in.

Pig farming is more popular next to poultry farming than any other type of livestock farming.

It is also one of Nigeria’s most important farming business and helps the country’s income in many ways. Pig farming in Nigeria has a lot of advantages. It creates jobs, helps get rid of poverty, makes a lot of money, as pork is in high demand.


Guides on starting a Pig farm In Nigeria

Here is a quick guide on how to start a small or large-scale pig farm in Nigeria:

1. Get a piece of land

If you want to start a business raising pigs in Nigeria, you need to rent or buy a piece of land. How big the land is will depend on how big the business is. It is important to find a place that is big enough for the pigs since the number of pigs will increases with time


2. Construction of facilities

The necessary buildings and housing should be made, such as pig pens, a water source, and a pig pool to cool off their temperature.

3. Buying Your Piglets

Get your pigs from well-known sellers or farmers. Don’t buy sick piglets, because that could be the start of your problems. Make sure your breeds are in good health and of quality trait.

4. Feeding

Pigs need to eat well in order to grow properly and stay healthy. Pigs are omnivorous animals just like humans, they eat many things, like corn, meat, and protein supplements. Proteins are what the pigs need in large amounts, so it’s important to give them in large quantities. Give your pigs clean water to drink and make sure their food is not dirty.

5. Marketing

Pigs are popular in markets, hotels, restaurants, and companies that make sausage. Market yourself to them, getting a market for your pig farm is not hard at all. And lastly, go digital. We live in the digital age, and the most modern way to get people to know about your pigs is to spread the word on social media to promote your business, etc.
However, you can refer to the below resource document to learn more about Pig as an animal as it will be useful when you understand the behaviour of the animal you are rearing.


Requirements and cost of starting a Pig Farm in Nigeria


How much does it cost in Nigeria to start a pig farm?

Here is important information about how to start a pig farm in Nigeria and how much it will cost. It is important to note that the Price of material is dependent on time, season, and location.
So, there may be differences in the price quotation here since price can change, but these are according to the time at which this article was produced.


1. Land: You will need land for your keeping and managing the livestock. You can rent or buy Land and it can cost between N150,000 to N2,000,000 depending on the size and location.

2. Cost of structure: It should cost about N350,000 to build pig pens, a pig pool for cool off, and other structures for the pigs. You will also need a reliable source of water. So you can dig a well or borehole depending on your capacity and capital.

3. Cost of Piglets: Let’s say each piglet costs N3000, so 50 piglets times N3000 equals N150,000.

4. Cost of feed: It cost about N200,000 to feed them for 7 months.

5. The cost of labour and transportation is about N150,000. Land, feed, and transportation are the main things that affect how much it costs to start a pig farm. With N500,000 to N1,000,000, you can start a pig farm if you already have land.


Pig Farming In Nigeria (Business plan) PDF

Without the pig farming resource PDF, you can’t just start raising pigs. In fact, the pig-rearing Business plan tells you things about pig farming that you are unaware of. And it gives you solid knowledge for your business of raising pigs. All the materials needed in details as well as important things ot put in place are all discussed in details below


To also learn more about the Pigs themselves we have a resource document above that you can check out to better understand the Swine as a creature or Animal. Get the two documents above and study to have an indepth of the Pig farm or Piggery.