Top best online learning sites like Udemy

Top best Udemy alternatives for learning

Learning online can be interesting and fun such that you can learn at your own convenience and Udemy offers that as well as some alternatives.
A lot of sites like Udemy are now available for online learning but not all will meet your expectation.
These sites alternative to Udemy that will be discussed in this article are of high quality and are also run in a similar way as Udemy, the prices are affordable and the online courses are up to standard.

Top best online learning sites like Udemy
As we all know, Udemy is one of the best and largest online learning platform that has lots of students across the world, they offer more than 100,000 courses and there is hardly what they don’t teach in as much it is legal and beneficial to mankind. As you learn, you also have the privilege to collect your certificate as evidence of learning.
So with no further delay, let’s dive into the real thing.


10 best sites like Udemy for online learning

1. Udacity

Udacity has been known to be a rival of Udemy when it comes to online learning, the courses are highly simplified that even a dummy learns faster. The topic they cover a range from data analysis, computing, and other wide range courses. Subscription is monthly as you will have access to all courses and you get to make an inquiry about areas you are having issues.


2. Ulearning

Ulearning also provides you with a nice learning atmosphere with what you need at your finger tips. The subscription is quite affordable. You can also register as an instructor and take the online teaching right at your own comfort (your home or office). The online courses also encompass most online courses such as computing-related courses, business management and data analysis related courses, web-based courses and lots more.
The learning and teaching here is fun as you can schedule your time as per your preference.


3. LearnWorlds

When we talk about Udemy alternatives, LearnWorlds is not left out, this online learning platform has been tagged as one of the best. They have a lot of users around the world who have shared great testimonies about their learning experience. Instructor plans are also included so you can register as an instructor and you get paid for your services. LearnWorlds have premium plans where they provide really simple to follow videos, Ebooks and assessment to check your level of understanding.
You also have access to 30 days of free trial to check if it is worth your money.


4. Amazing

Online learning is made easy with Amazing as you can learn easily with video tutorials just like Udemy. Amazing is a great alternative to Udemy when it comes to the subscription pricing as their price is affordable and the learning experience is superb. If you weigh the learning in comparison with the price you will discover Amazing has a great plan that surpasses other online learning sites. Amazing is a popular site and it is best known for business-related training. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is made easy with Amazing online courses. With just a token you will have access to learn more than expected.


5. edX

You must have heard about edX and this is due to its popularity and can also be named as one of the best alternatives to Udemy.
edX was founded by MIT, Havard and other great and reputable universities. They also receive support from other great organization as well.
The courses they offer here are unlimited and you will definitely find your area of interest with ease here. You will also have access to best instructors from around the world and the subscription fee is also quite affordable. You also get certified upon completion of the online course


6. Edureka

When it comes to data science, computing and software-related courses Edureka takes a lot of credit. They have great instructors they will take you through and supervise you into achieving your dreams.
You also get your certificate at the end of your course. You can also consult personal learning manager to discuss issues, get more friends by chatting with other students like you and do a lot of cool stuff while you learn at the same time.
The price is also OK and you can access more which is great.


7. Coggno

Coggno match sites like Udemy in online learning. It has over 10,000 online courses available for you to choose from. They specialize in the training of all kind of business sizes and how you can expand your business. You also have access to both the free or bonus classes as well as the premium classes. The site has a nice interface that supports easy navigation and the best interactive session with both instructor and the students.


8. Lynda

Lynda is also a great site like Udemy to start your learning online. You will have access to a free trial to test and see how the system work if you love what you see you can then proceed to pay but trust me Lynda is really worth your money. With your token, you will have access to lots of online courses depending on your choice and you get to learn an in-depth or details about a subject matter. Lynda is mostly recommended for visual related training like web development, graphic designs, software, photography and lots more.


9. Khan Academy

Are you on low budget and you still wish to partake in online training? Then Khan Academy is the way. Khan Academy offers free access to their courses across the world. They offer a wide range of course ranging from Mathematics, statistics, Science, art and lots of other courses. Their courses are free however, you can donate to them directly if you deem it fit.


10. Pluralsight

If you are interested in courses related to Technology, IT skills, Security, Development, Data and so on, Pluralsight can help you go a long way. You will have access to a wide range of different courses depending on your area of preference. They also offer online learning services at an affordable rate such that you can register even if you are on low budget. You will also have access to 10 days free trial.

Why would stay without learning anything? Start today and make good use of your time to learn online from these sites like Udemy as they are among the top best alternatives for online learning.
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Knowledge is the key, so start your training today and even if you are on a low budget, there are sites like Udemy that offers free training.

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