Starting A Poultry Farm In Nigeria | Requirements And Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Poultry Farm In Nigeria?

In Nigeria and around the world, poultry farming is still the best and most lucrative type of farming profession. This post will provide you with information on the requirements and cost of starting a poultry farm in Nigeria if you are interested in doing so. According to research, poultry farming in Nigeria has a significant impact on people’s ability to become extraordinary millionaires, demonstrating the enormous profit potential of this industry. Starting A Poultry Farm In Nigeria | Requirements And Cost If you are a novice who is interested in starting your own poultry farm, you should conduct thorough research, study books, and watch videos about poultry to learn more about farming poultry in Nigeria. Today, we will give you an idea of what you need and the budget it entails, however, you should know that price are bound to change depending on time, location and some other factors, so feel free to confirm the current price of items in your area.  

Types Of Poultry Breeds In Nigeria

You must decide which breed of fowl to raise before starting your own poultry farm in Nigeria. 1. Broiler: More than any other breed of fowl, broilers are primarily raised for their ability to produce meat. They quickly put on weight in preparation for slaughter and sale. 2. Layers: They are raised for their ability to lay eggs. 3. Cockerels: Similar to broilers, cockerels are raised for meat production and, unlike broilers, they grow very slowly. This breed can adapt to any setting in which they are placed. 4. Noilers: These are new breeds in Nigeria that are dual-purpose multi-colored birds, they are kept for both meat and egg production. Although there are other additional breeds of fowl, these are the most used for raising poultry.  

How Lucrative Is the Poultry Industry?

The Nigerian poultry industry is profitable when the birds are managed effectively. Your business’s profit is 31.9%. For instance, if you invested N5,000,000, your potential marginal profit after selling their meat, eggs, and dung should be N3,100,000. Your capital was returned to you together with a profit of N3,100,000. N8,100,000 in total. These depend on the management techniques used in raising the birds  

Poultry Farming Business Plan (PDF)

Here is a brief, step-by-step explanation of how to begin raising chicken in Nigeria, you will find the PDF Comprehensive business plan just at the end of this heading:


1. Get a Piece of Land

You will require a piece of land for your poultry business, so make sure there is room for building. Your chicken farm should be situated in an environmentally friendly area. Housing: Determine the type of housing you want for your birds, either deep liter where you keep them on the ground in an enclose building or a cage where they are fixed to a particular cage space.  

2. Purchase the poultry bird

At this point, you must choose the breed you want. Cockerels, broilers, or layers. Be sure you get healthy ones.  

3. Feed

Purchase their feed. Make sure they are well-fed for growth, and don’t forget to be aware of their feeding needs. There are different  types of feed concentrate depending on the age and type of bird you intend to raise  

4. Medication

It’s crucial to study books or ask other poultry workers for advice on how to administer the right vitamins and medications when necessary. Also, be sure to be observant of the bird’s behavior at all times as well as symptoms they show during disease times.

Cost and Requirements for Starting a Poultry Farm

What is the starting price for a poultry farm in Nigeria? How much does it cost and what are the requirements to start a poultry farm in Nigeria? The following are the approximate costs to start a chicken farm:  

1. Cost of Land

You will need a piece of land to start a poultry business. Depending on the area ,size, location and availabilty of infastructures, the prices change. The cost of the land ranges from N600,000 to N2,000,000, depending on how big or tiny you want your chicken farm to be. You can purchase a plot of land for between N150,000 and N400,000 in some rural locations.  

2. Cost of Housing & Construction

The cost of housing and construction is based on the size of your farm… The next step is to get in touch with the carpenter or builders who will undertake the work after acquiring the land. Roofing sheets, nails, boards, and galvanized wire are required for the building of poultry housing. This is expected to cost roughly N300,000 in total.  

3. Price of Poultry Farming Equipment

Perches, feeders, crates, incubation facilities, drinkers, coops, egg trays, warmers or brooders, laying nests, chick boxes, fly trays, ventilation fans, egg scales, egg washers, and other pieces of poultry equipment are required for a poultry farm. Budget N600,000 for the necessary equipment for a commercial chicken farm. The price should range from N50,000 to N300,000 for depending on the size of your poultry building and the number of birds you intend to keep.  

4. Medication and protection

The cost of medication and vaccinations is N100,000 for 500 chicks.  

5. Feeding

It will cost around N270,000 to feed 500 chicks.  

6. Purchasing Your Chicks

Prices range between N450 and N600. On average, 500 chicks cost N230,000. This also depends on the breed you are rearing, broilers and noilers tend to cost higher due to fast growth and fast harvesting time Starting a poultry farming business can cost you around N1,700,000 for a medium commercial size.  

In Conclusion

These are the conditions and expenses needed for establishing a chicken farming enterprise in Nigeria. The essential requirements for this enterprise are money and land. And in order to learn more, it is important to visit other prosperous poultry farms to take a good look at the design and the scale at which you want to run your own farm.