Why you should avoid using Nulled WordPress Plugins And Themes

Reasons why you avoid Nulled Plugins and Themes on Your WordPress Site

Many people want to start blogging either as a full-time job or a part-time job and most people start with WordPress.  However, such newbies will want to spend less thereby searching for free themes and plugins for both building of the site as well as optimization purposes knowing fully well that some themes and plugins come with a price.

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Today in this article, we will guide you through the risks and benefits of using nulled plugins. One of the reasons WordPress is the most popular open-source content management system (CMS) at the moment is the broadening of available themes and plugins.

The WordPress store includes both free and commercial plugins and themes. On the other hand, premium ones are more expensive. Many individuals attempt to save expense by obtaining nulled WordPress plugins and themes.


What is the meaning of Nulled Themes and Plugins?

Nulled themes and plugins are illegally obtained pirated copies of premium themes. While some websites provide these plugins for free, some require a small fee. As a result, you simply download these themes and plugins for free and utilize all of their premium features.

Because most of WordPress plugins and themes are open source, anyone may read and alter their code. Some developers delete the license requirements from their themes and plugins files.

In short, you should know that nulled plugins and themes of premium edition are a pirated version. On the other hand, premium software requires the purchase of a licensed key, whereas nulled or cracked software does not demand a key because the code has been erased.


 Why you should quit using nulled WordPress plugins and themes

1. Safety

Since the source code for nulled WordPress plugins and themes are altered, y ou have no idea what code was altered in the original file to enable you use it for free. Without a certainty of what the pirate selling the nulled themes and plugins is altering in the files. How hard could it be to incorporate malware that is capable of wreaking havoc on the websites on which it is installed? While there are some ‘trusted’ nulled theme providers, this simply indicates that the individual is excellent at what they do and has thus far escaped detection.
Scanners with limited capabilities will miss any code written to the root theme files and plugins that attempts to masquerade as system code.


2. Hosting  companies

Using pirated software is a breach of the terms and conditions of many web hosting companies. The malicious code would trigger web hosting firms’ firewalls and antivirus systems, quarantining and rendering useless the nulled plugin. The hosting deal will be terminated if the plugins are not discovered and the developers report the website. No refunds will be issued for any invoices or payments. Not only are nulled WordPress plugins and themes detrimental to your website; they can also be detrimental to your server if your hosting provider does not take the proper measures.

3. Zero updates

Premium themes and plugin’s developers are known to provide update from time to time and this can be either done automatically or manually depending on your settings. On the other hand, plugins are not automatically updated if you are using the Nulled or cracked version simply because you do not have a valid license To obtain an updated theme and plugin, you must purchase the most recent version nulled theme/plugin. Otherwise, you can continue using the previously installed themes and plugins but you will miss the goodies from the current update.

The most common reason for WordPress sites to be hacked is due to out-of-date plugins. That is why plugin makers provide updates so frequently. When a bug or issue is discovered, they promptly correct it and release an updated version. The WordPress platform is regularly updated and upgraded. WordPress theme and plugin developers often update their products to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress so it is advisable to be up to date to avoid compatibility issues. It will be difficult to maintain security at WordPress if quick and regular updates are not available.


4. There are no new features

Additionally, developers added new functionality via updates, in conjunction to fixing bugs and rectifying code errors. Unless you update the theme or plugin to the most recent version, you will be ignorant of the new feature. This new feature could be a game-changer for your website especially those who rely on search engines for their traffic, some updates might push your site up in the SERP, or it could simply be a method to streamline your process. In both circumstances, you will miss it.


5. Zero support

You might need support from the developer of a particular theme or plugin especially if you are not a techy type.  When it comes to WordPress themes and plugins, the developers will support you if you have a problem with them. You can contact them by phone, email, or live chat.
You will only be attended to when you have a valid license so if your website breaks or any of its functionalities cease to function, you will be unable to contact them due to your lack of a valid license. In many instances, you would not even have access to the documentation.
You are entirely responsible for conducting your own investigation and fixing it if you are in such a situation.

6. Hidden link building

Numerous SAAS businesses employ an attractive marketing technique of giving out embedded software in exchange for a link to their main website.  So once you install the nulled plugin, you will unknowingly give out links since most of these links are hidden in the code so it is hard to detect by amateurs. They do not require permission to display the link on the website or to redirect the entire website to a different URL when utilizing nulled WordPress plugins and themes. You will be unaware that anything is going wrong because logged-in users will experience no downtime as your site will run normally.
Search engine might bring you down because they might accuse you of black hat SEO practice. Search engines will be able to distinguish between SEO spam and legitimate content and will penalize your domain. Regrettably, this will have a detrimental effect on the domain’s credibility and organic traffic. You many also use web-based browser extension to analyse your site for loop holes.


In conclusion

Nothing in today’s world is free. We do not suggest using nulled items for your sites so you should try to avoid it at all cost. Most themes and plugins have their legit free version although they might come with some restrictions but, if you want to enjoy the premium version you can spare some bucks to purchase as most of these plugins and themes are worth their fee.
I hope you found this article regarding nulled themes and plugins informative. If you have any queries, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.